Premium Quality Red Oak Hardwood

Made in Canada

Structural Warranty: Lifetime

Finish Warranty: 35 years

Nail / Staple installation

This type of installation is only applicable for flooring being installed onto a wooden subfloor. For this type of installation, the flooring is generally solid or engineered. the floor is laid down with random length strips.

Red Oak Select & Better is pre-finished super long (up to 8') premium hardwood flooring. This solid hardwood flooring is 100% natural product. Solid wood floors provide exceptional sound and thermo insulation. Beautiful grain texture of natural wood brings a sense of warmth and authentic feel to any space. Our solid hardwood floors come with lifetime structural warranty. Canadian Red Oak flooring designed for residential spaces. Eco green product: UV coating, VOC free, respond to air humidity. During warm and humid summers, it is not unusual to wood to expand. Winters and dry climates can cause wood to contract. In order to avoid noticeable movements in your floors, relative indoor humidity level should be kept at 45-55% through the year.

Solid Hardwood floors are made from planks milled from a single piece of timberand and were originally used for structural purposes. Depending on the desired look of the floor, the timber can be cut flat-sawn, quarter-sawn and riff-sawn. Milled from kiln or air dried timber before sawing, solid hardwood floors have a thicker wear surface that can be sanded and finished more times than an engineered wood floor.

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